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Bound Pigeon
Bound Pigeon

My name is Stephanie Washington.  I am a follower of Jesus, a Certified Yahweh Yoga Teacher, RYT 500, a wellness warrior, wife, and a Great Dane mama.  Welcome to my blog!  The main purpose of my blog will be to network and promote my services.  I received my RYT 200 in April, 2011, and have been teaching yoga for the last 4 years.  I am currently teaching a few classes at Yahweh Yoga in Chandler, AZ and working with Conscious Community Yoga to teach various yoga therapy classes around the valley.  At Yahweh Yoga, I am teaching all level classes that are safe for beginners and pregnant women.  Through Conscious Community Yoga, I am gaining new opportunities every month, but have most recently taught gentle chair yoga (good for people with limited mobility), and yoga classes for substance abuse recovery.  I look forward to leading water yoga in the next few months, and teaching various styles of chair yoga (some for stretching, some for strengthening, etc.).  Please visit their respective websites to learn more about each of these wonderful businesses.

My growing passion is yoga as therapy.  I have, for at least 7 years, loved yoga as an emotional, mental and spiritual caveat for healing, but I have been increasing my knowledge in using it for physical healing as well.  I love to spend time with students one on one to focus on alignment principles, as well as help them determine what some of their common misalignments may be in order to prevent injury and promote healing.

Private sessions are modified to the specific needs and desires of the student.  Please contact me at salicewash@icloud.com if you are interested in one on one sessions, or special community yoga classes (such as church yoga classes, small groups, special events, etc).

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  1. Nice, Stephanie! At some point I will probably ask for a private session with you… I think you’re great!

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    1. Thanks Julie! I would love that! ❤


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